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The first tea SCHOOL



Our aim as the First Tea School in Ireland is to promote tea education through courses, tastings and workshops with the highest educational and technical level.



  • Be ready to discover through your senses the vast world of tea. Online

    Tailored for groups
  • How to Find Peace and De-Stress with a Simple Tea Meditation. Online.

    Tailored for groups
  • Consultancy and professional training.

    Tailored to customer
  • This is a course that offers a solid foundation on tea. Online.

    60 euros
  • Learn all about the art of tea blending from home!! Online learning.

    85 euros
  • A Yerba Mate Crash Course. Online learning.

    40 euros
  • A beginner’s guide to food and tea pairing.

    50 euros
  • Advance sensory training. Online training.

    Tailored to customer

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Dublin, Ireland  

+353 85 722 0080

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