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As a tea lover, my relationship with tea goes beyond a mere interest. From childhood memories of my grandmother's famous "tea concoctions" to delightful hours spent sipping tea, chatting, and observing hummingbirds through her bedroom window, tea has always held a magical place in my heart.
Over a decade ago, I pursued my passion for tea culture by becoming a certified Tea Sommelier. I proudly became the first Tea Sommelier in my county and established the leading Event Planning business, "La Comunidad del Té." Our speciality was hosting afternoon teas and tea tastings for social and corporate events.

One of my favourite activities is designing unique tea and herbal blends. During my "me-tea-time," I draw inspiration from people, places, aromas, and energies to curate exceptional moments and experiences through my tea creations.

As a tea enthusiast, certified Tea Sommelier, and advocate for tea culture, I continue to explore the diverse world of tea. Through my blend creations, educational initiatives, and event planning expertise, I strive to share the enchantment of tea with others and create unforgettable tea experiences.

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