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My relation with tea is a little more than just an interest. As a child, my grandmother used to giving me her famous "tea concoctions" every time I was feeling sick. Other times, we used to drinking tea, chat, and watch the hummingbirds through her bedroom window for hours. It was always a magical experience.

 More than 10 years ago, I certified as a Tea Sommelier to follow my passion for the tea culture around the world. I was the first Tea Sommelier in my county, also, I was the director of the first Event Planning business, "La Comunidad del Té", offering afternoon teas to celebrate social and corporate events. I had the privilege to be the first person teaching about tea in my city, Mar del Plata, delivering tea training and workshops for the hospitality industry and the general public.


Designing tea and herbal blends is my "me-tea-time". I find inspiration from people, places, aromas and energies to creating special moments and experiences.

My love for communications and events produced a Bachelors Degree in Public Relations, while I was working full time in a Quality Control Laboratory (science was my first love). 




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