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Is there a perfect way to drink tea?

With more than 10000 varieties of tea around the world and different brewing systems, sometimes it seems a little bit overwhelming to make the perfect cup of tea.

We often find people that do not like tea (strange wright) but they find this beverage bitter, strong, too astringent or with lack of flavour. People who say this do not realize that it is probably their water temperature and steeping method that creates this bitterness.

These 7 tips for everyday use will help you to achieve a top-notch brew to enjoy it alone, with friends, and family.

1. CHOOSE A TEA THAT SUITS YOUR MOOD OR THAT MATCHES WHAT YOU WANT TO ACHIEVE. Do you need to relax, to focus, to energise your day, to help your digestion, to detox; or you are in the mood of something sweet, or refreshing, maybe a little bit spicy or you want to try that delicate tea you bought during your last holidays? Depending on the type and variety of tea you select, you will have to pay attention to the temperature of the water and the steeping time.


There are so many different types of equipment to brew tea, as much as there are styles of mugs or teacups. Choose the one it makes you feel comfortable and happy (if your favourite mug is in the dishwasher, go on!! just hand wash it).

3.USE FRESH WATER Always use fresh cold water, if it is filtered, even better. Tea loves oxygen, fresh water has loads of oxygen, you use oxygen to breathe and tea uses oxygen to develop its flavours. OXYGEN, OXYGEN, OXYGEN the key element to avoid a flat cup of tea!! 4. TEMPERATURE OF THE WATER Do not use boiled water to make your tea, leave it to cool down for a couple of minutes. If you have a kettle with temperature selection, be aware of the correct value you need to brew your tea. White and green teas need a lower steeping temperature.

Develop your tea ceremony. Each time you brew your tea, bring awareness to that moment, breath and open your mind to a new adventure.

5.BREWING INSTRUCTIONS AND STEEPING TIME Before brewing your tea, please pay attention to the steeping instructions. Boiling water can burn your tea and a longer steeping time could make the tea bitter and astringent. It is totally up to you if you like your tea weaker or stronger, however, the optimal steeping time will produce a beautiful cup of tea, full of flavours and aromas. 6.REMOVE THE TEA LEAVES OR THE TEABAG WHEN THE STEEPING TIME IS UP If you are using loose leaf tea, the steeping process can be repeated as many times as the tea allows you to do it. 7. ENJOY THIS ELIXIR OF LIFE. Breath, smile, sit back and relax. To make a cup of tea is the perfect excuse for those 5 minutes you need to stop, recapitulate, and keep going. Also, it can be the moment you need to meditate or think about that difficult decision you have been avoiding. Life is like a cup of tea; the taste is all up to how you make it.

Diana Riquel

My Tea workshop founder

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