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IRELAND TOGETHER - Support Small Business Series

I always believe in working together as a community and since I started to learn about tea, I continuously worked toward creating a Communi-Tea. For this reason, I have asked a few Irish businesses to participate in these "Small Business Series" to give you the opportunity to know a little bit more about their story, what inspired them and how they are surviving the pandemic. We have amazing tea brands in Ireland, secret gems and all of them work hard to keep the business alive!!


1. Your Full name and business name.

My name is JURGITA ZIURNIENE. Business Name: THREE SPOONS loose tea and coffee bean shop

2. Could you tell me how your business started, the first idea it came to your mind?

My husband and I used to drink loose-leaf tea all the time. We found it healthier, better, tasty and there are so many choices of loose tea! While the supermarket's shelves didn’t offer anything new, we just got an idea to create a real tea shop where people can open the tea jar, smell the tea, and choose your favourite. And we just weight it straight in front of the customer and give them the bag with the label. We also started to increase our knowledge about the world teas - there are so many of them and so different! The same was with coffee beans - our purpose was to offer to the customer the best quality freshly roasted coffee beans.

3. If you had to survive only with tea/ herbal tea, which one would you choose?

If I would need to choose only one of the herbal teas- I would choose one of our favourites and for me nicest teas- ORANGE with HERBS. I really like the composition of this tea: the zesty orange slices accompanied by soft and aromatic Greek mountain and other herbs. Greek mountain herb is an absolutely amazing herb with its taste and benefits.

4. Best tea pairing ever.

One time we have ordered from our supplier the strawberry and mint tea. The composition was so good, we didn’t stop buying this tea. I think if we blend spearmint herb tea with any green or herbal tea with strawberry bits, this will be a very tasty result. Or when we have opened our loose tea shop, we had green tea with lemon and another green tea with ginger. It is a very good and pure immune boost on cold winter days.

5. Definition of Speciality Tea.

Speciality tea for me means that before I choose this tea I have to know where it comes from, how this tea is processed and what is the traditional tea-drinking ritual. For example, a year ago we increased our speciality tea collection with real and unique pressed Pu-Erh tea cakes. If you want to enjoy this tea, you have to know, how in China people drink this tea, how brewing it, what kind of pottery they use and why this tea is so special for them. Before enjoying a special tea, I always want to know the history behind its production.

6. The most unique tea you have ever tried.

The most unique tea I have ever tried probably would be Pu-erh pressed cakes. It is hard to describe the taste, must try. The tea gourmets describe Pu-erh taste like earthy, tangy, leathery-like, chocolaty-like, sweet-like aftertaste. Usually, Pu-erh tea has a deep earthy, rich flavour, if it is good quality Pu-erh, you shouldn’t be afraid of its 'unusual' taste, it should be pleasant.

7. Afternoon tea yes or no?


8. Your favourite tea book.

My best tea book is actually called “THE TEA BOOK”, By Linda Gaylard (experience the world's finest teas). There are many short but basic articles about tea- everything that you need to know if you want to discover the world of tea

9. What do you miss the most in these times of Covid-19?

Because of Covid-19, we had to close our tea shop temporary. People started to purchase online more, but we didn’t have the chance to chat with our customers face to face. It is a really good experience when your customer comes to your shop to get some knowledge about the desired tea or just only for a chat. Customer service is very important to us. I hope that soon we will forget about Covid-19 and then we can meet each other again, talk with our neighbours and do not be scared. I really miss the buzz in public places, especially before Christmas time. I hope that each family will feel safe again one day (I believe that day has to come very soon).


Happy sipping!!

Diana Riquel

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