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Colombia La Cumbre Valle del Cauca - Black Emerald (Bio) - Organic Black Tea.


Behold the mystical essence of La Cumbre Valle del Cauca - Black Emerald Bio, a symphony of flavours that dances upon the palate. Its fruity notes whisper secrets of sun-kissed tropical fruits, while its gentle sweetness caresses the senses like a tender embrace. This tea, a true gem, unveils its secrets through loosely twisted leaves, wild and untamed, their hues of brown-black reflecting nature's raw beauty.


In a cup of this exquisite brew, behold a golden treasure, an amber elixir that holds the essence of Colombia's enchantment. Like the sun's rays piercing through dense clouds, its clarity reveals the purity within. It is here, amidst a land of extremes, where snow-crowned volcanoes meet tropical shores, and the mighty Andes stand as sentinels of ancient wisdom.


In the northwest, a verdant jungle paradise, tea finds its sanctuary, nurtured by nature's benevolence. This unique terroir bestows upon it the ideal conditions to flourish, infusing each leaf with the vitality of its surroundings mixed with flavours of coconut, oranges and pineapple.


A cup of this black tea becomes a journey through the untamed wilderness, a voyage that transports you to the heart of Colombia's untold tales.


Character: Fruity, sweet, mild

Growing altitude in meters: 1800 - 2050

Growing area: La Cumbre, Valle del Cauca, Colombia

Leaf: Fluffily twisted, wild, brown-black

Cup: Amber, clear


Net weight: 70g

Instructions for use: 3g / 95°C / 2-4 min

Colombia La Cumbre Valle del Cauca - Black Emerald - Organic Black Tea

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