7 days, 7 modules, one per day. You will receive one email per day giving you the opportunity to learn at your own pace from your home.



DAY 1 - LESSON 1: History of tea: myths and legends.


DAY 2 - LESSON 2: What is Tea? The plant that changed the world.


DAY 3 - LESSON 3: How tea leaves become tea: production process.


DAY 4 - LESSON 4: Types of tea.


DAY 5 - LESSON 5: Flavours and aromas. Cupping like a professional.


DAY 6 - LESSON 6: Health benefits of Matcha and white tea.


DAY 7 - LESSON 7: Different uses of loose leaf tea: cooking with tea, tea mixology and beauty tips. How to recycle tea leaves.

TEA BASICS 101 is a course that offers a solid foundation on tea. You can complete it online in your own time from anywhere in the world. It is essential for those already working in F&B, Hospitality Industry and it is ideal for tea enthusiasts. No prior knowledge of the subject is required.

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